The Drug Information Center serves a broad community of health care professionals, including the pharmaceutical industry, health policy makers, academic health departments, hospital administrators, researchers, and practicing clinicians. The DIC offers services that generally fall into the following three categories:

Teaching and Training

The DIC serves as a practice site where pharmacy interns and students develop the hands-on skills they need to provide information on drugs to practitioners.


The DIC supports pharmaceutical and clinical research by creating an environment where relevant information is readily accessible.

Information Services

The DIC responds to queries on drug therapy for particular diseases and special populations, as well as on adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, and the social use of drugs. Queries may be posed via different modalities, including telephone, e-mail, fax, or walk in.

In line with answering drug queries presented by different parties, the DIC publishes and distributes periodic Drug Information Alerts every fortnight to health care professionals. In addition the DIC also provides technical support to the Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital’s Drug and Therapeutics Committee helping prepare hospital formularies, standard treatment guidelines, and fulfilling other requests as needed.